Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wings of a Dream

Here is a short poem that I've written.  'Tis not near the level of a true poet, but I enjoyed writing it anyhow.

What fragile things,
The wings of a dream,
And the current on which hope rides.
The world stops turning;
Time itself stands still,
The moment a dream takes flight.
But yet, how easily bruised it is,
With harsh or unkind word.
How easily shattered they sometimes are,
Destroyed by pain and hurt.
Remember to tread lightly,
Watch where you step,
For you stand upon my dreams.
And your words can hurt, can shatter even,
Despite how it may seem.
So watch your actions, guard your tongue well,
Be careful how you speak.
And when you walk,
Tread softly I pray,
For you tread upon my dreams.


  1. Wow, that was beautiful, Kalisia! Very well done! =D

  2. This is very beautiful! :D Do you have others you will be sharing here?


    1. Thank you, ZA! :D I had almost forgotten about this blog...I suppose I will be sharing more, if I can find the time. :)