Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Battle

Original title?  I think not.  :P  I couldn't come up with anything better, actually.  But it's what it is, I suppose.  I'm not a very good poet, but I do enjoy trying.  :)

::~~::The Battle::~~::

The day does dawn with a blood-red sky,
A warning of things to come?
The sun, a brand that sears away the night,
And sheds light upon a Refuge of Stone.

The walls are high, the gates all barred,
Not a break in the defense to be found.
Our pounding hearts become the drums of war,
As the Enemy's trumpet sounds.

We wait with dread, as Doubt slips in,
Unnoticed by any and all.
His whispers reach every listening ear,
A crack snakes along the wall.

We watch in silence as the Enemy prepares,
What strength and might he holds!
His horde, unnumbered, vast and grim,
Sends Fear into the hearts of the bold.

Our nerves stretched thin; a quarrel begins,
It grows to encompass us all.
Unseen by the sentries, Enmity laughs,
As a fissure appears in the wall.

Distracted and weak, 'tis then that we see,
All the damage that has been wrought.
Despair then appears to deliver a blow,
Is the battle lost before it is fought?

The walls then begin to tremble and groan,
As Despair settles in for the night,
The weight of her darkness, her sorrow and gloom,
Seems too much to attempt to fight. 

Then comes a sound, a Song in the night,
The stars!  Suddenly we can see!
As Hope descends from the Heavens on high,
Bearing Courage upon her wings.

A warm, rushing wind flows in her wake,
Carrying Unity therein,
Enmity flees before his flashing sword,
The cracks begin to mend.

In gallops Faith upon a white horse,
None knows from whence she came.
Doubt takes to the road as quick as he can,
For he knows he has lost this game.

We listen and hear nothing but the wind,
We look, and what do we see?
Nothing and no one outside of our door,
For the Enemy had to flee.

The battle is won without a drop of blood spilt,
But there were lessons we all were taught.
For this battle was not one of physical strength,
'Tis Within that this battle is fought.

Courage, my brethren, stand strong and true,
Never once falter or fail.
For help is always there when you need it most,
And we will, in the end, prevail.

(C) 2012 Kalisia Silverwing 


  1. It's great to see you posting again. :)

    I liked this poem a lot. While the meter wasn't perfect, the story and imagery and message were all very well done.

    1. It's nice to be able to post again. :)

      Thank you very much, Jonathan. :)

  2. :D Very nice job, Kalisia! The story of the poem is wonderful.
    I love how you personified Hope, Faith, Doubt, and the others.

    Please keep posting! :D